Sunday, June 02, 2024

Tunnel vision 😡

There are so many tunnels in Gaza that they might as well call it a subway system, though this is certainly the first subway system for which one needs a passport. I wish this were funny.  😡

Copied from Facebook:

[sharing from a friend]
The IDF had already discovered 700 (not a typo, seven hundred) tunnels in Rafah, 50 of which leading directly to Egypt and some big enough for a lorry to drive through - Gaza has an equestrian federation, after all. And now the IDF have discovered 20 tunnels with 82 shafts on the Philadelphia Corridor alone (the area between Gaza and Egypt). The entire Corridor is now in the hands of Israel and several long-range rockets were found 10-40 m from the Egyptian border. Gaza attacked Central Israel recently with dozens of long-range rockets, while Lebanon fired over a 100 rockets at civilians up North. 90.000 Israelis have been displaced for 8 months.


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